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Loft Convension Dormer Facade for interior design and construction in south London

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversion in London

As there is a high demand for land and housing, especially in London, there is a viable opportunity for many period houses to expand upwards. It is a place in most of the period houses which were initially used as the structure space to hold up the roof structure, but now due to the technological developments, we are able to utilise this storage as a residential space where many activities can take place.

68MNR-ATG-00-XX-VS-A-0007-Interior Render

Pros of Having a Loft Conversion in London

The loft space is often a missed opportunity to extend the living space of your house. Usually when you have a house, your options are doing a loft conversion, a rear extension, a basement conversion, or a combination of those. Basement conversions are usually tricky and difficult, and rear extensions usually include a compromise, more internal space and less garden. Therefore the loft conversion is always one of the most viable and effective options that brings the maximum efficiency into your development. It certainly adds up to 10% to the value of your house and could be done with a total price of £1,500.00 ~ £2,500.00 per sqm. This definitely depends on the type of the conversion and also your requirements. Get in touch with us to have your free consultation session and our specialists will discuss your options with you.

Types of

Loft Conversion In London

There are various types of loft conversions that you can have. You could potentially do velux conversions which is the simplest way, or dormer conversion which is one of the most popular ons, or the mansard loft extension which brings the maximum useful area to your loft but it is also the most complicated one as it usually needs obtaining planning permission. Our specialists are able to discuss your options in a free consultation meeting and go through all of the options available.

​Planning Permission for

Loft Conversions in London

Depending on the type of your house, you could potentially use your permitted development rights which allow you to convert your loft to a livable space and even extend it to a maximum of 40cbm in certain circumstances. Get in touch with our specialists to help you with your loft conversion journey.

Architectural Designers for

Loft Conversions in London

With simple and creative design ideas, we can make your loft look as if it was always a luxury space within your home. There are certain things to think about, such as the location of the staircase to the loft, the structure of the new roof, and the items that are already stored in the loft such as a water tank, etc. Our specialist team is available to discuss all of the available options. Just get in touch with us and use our free 30 minutes consultation session.

An example of

Loft Conversions Projects

that we have done.

68 Mountnod Road

Construction Status:
Development Area:

February 2019
London, UK
Loft Conversions
86 m2


This project was part of a deep refurbishment of the third floor three-bedroom flat of an old Victorian house. The refurbishment consists of internal alterations and erection of a loft dormer.

Eye level 3D Visualisation of living room and Kitchen of a loft conversion as an architectural refurbishment Interior design in south London
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