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Workplace lighting of new-built smart passive house as an architectural garage conversion in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea of London

New Builds

New Build House Architectural Design

New Build house design is one of the popular fields which let the owner create the bespoke home of their dreams. This can be achieved by getting an architectural design from an architecture practice who has in-house planning consultants. Your land could be a narrow side plot, or it could include an old-fashioned bungalow which could be renewed. Our architects can illustrate a contemporary design which matches or tastefully contrasts its surroundings. It is always great to improve a building site which is not outdated. London and the UK's architecture is being redefined by new housing developments.

LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0041-Entrance and front Elevation at night
LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0017-Bedroom and Workplace

Pros of a New Build Design

The new build design projects are always an opportunity where you would be able to demonstrate robust and modern design on a blank canvas with respect to the planning guidelines. Our architects in London treat each project as a unique experience which is led by the client's thoughts and feelings.

Stage-by-Stage Service for New Build Design

We can take care of every stage of your design as you wish, including pre-planning meetings and conceptual design, architectural design for planning applications, building regulation package and structural drawings and calculations, detailed design and tender drawings package, contract administration and site supervision, until the house that you wish is created.

LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0019-Bathroom with Walk-in Shower
LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0036-Workplace and Bedroom

Discounts for New Build Design

As per RIBA suggestion, we work on a stage-by-stage basis and would provide bundling discounts in case there are more than one stages within which we are involved.

Planning Permission for New Build Design

We know what the planning authorities are looking for when they consider your application, and it is our responsibility to make sure all aspects of the project are in line with what they deem as important in planning matters.

LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0015-Bird View and Entrance

An example of

New Build Projects

that we have done.

9 Lexham Gardens Mews

Construction Status:
Development Area:

January 2021
London, UK
New Built
65 m2


They wanted to replace the garage with a smart passive house that looked like a garage. We designed this smart house with consideration to every little detail.

Bedroom and metal staircase of the new-built smart passive house as an architectural garage conversion in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea of London
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