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Eye level 3D Visualisation of complex center of residential community in Karaj, Iran

Flats and High-rise Buildings

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Flats and High Rise Buildings

in London

As the population growth has been rising in London, the lands are becoming more valuable. So it makes more sense to build a higher number of residential units on a single piece of land. Therefore it is often a sensible solution to develop a multi-unit building.

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Services We Provide for Flats and High Rise Buildings in London

For businesses, contractors and project managers we offer solutions such as: CGI shots, Architectural Design, Tender and Detailed Design, Building Control Package, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Design, Lighting and Interior Design. We also offer exclusive discounts for orders with high quantities which would create an opportunity to increase your profit on the project.

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Architects for Flat and High Rise Buildings

Our RIBA and ARB registered architects would be able to help you to save huge amounts on your expenditure on the drawings, CGIs and contractors. We guarantee a 20% discount on all the prices in comparison to other service providers, in case you provide us with a valid official quotation from another provider.

An example of

Flats and High-rise Buildings Projects

that we have done.

Ofoq Residential Community

Construction Status:
Development Area:

June 2018
Tehran, IR
Flats and High-rise Buildings
Not Yet Started
21,600.00 m2


Home is the place that everyone should be in the most comfortable situation. This project provides 75 affordable housing flats for the staff of the Tehran University of Arts.

Bird view 3D Visualisation of planning of residential community project in Karaj, Iran
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