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Eye level 3D Visualization of living room and Kitchen of a loft conversion as an architectural refurbishment Interior design in south London

68 Mountnod Road



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London, UK

68 Mountnod Road, London, SW16 2LP

London Borough of Lambeth

Magnificent Basement Co Ltd

February 2019

86 m2

£ 100,000.00

£ 350,000.00

Atco Studio

Arsalan Tahouni, Hadi Sarmadi

Magnificent Basement Co. Ltd

Travis Perkins, Builder’s Depot, Howdens, B&Q

Arsalan Tahouni

Loft Conversions

Interior Design and Refurbishments

Quantity Surveying,

Structural Calculation and Design Package,

CGIs and 3D Printed Models,

Development Construction and Turn Keys 

Bird View 3D Section of existing refurbishment of ground floor rear extension and side return in London SW2


This project was a part of a comprehensive refurbishment of the third-floor, three-bedroom flat in an old Victorian house situated in South London. It is worth noting that the entire row of Victorian houses in the area has been converted into separate flats. The refurbishment primarily involved internal modifications and the construction of a loft dormer. The addition of this dormer was intended to improve the overall living environment for the occupants by expanding the communal area to create a combined kitchen and living room, affording them the delightful view of the verdant scenery offered by the house's rear garden.

Proposed Plan

2D Drawing Proposed Plan of flat in 3rd floor for loft conversion with Living room, Kitchen, Bedroom
2D Drawing Proposed Plan of a Bedroom in a flat in 3rd floor loft in south London


The initial configuration of the flat featured three bedrooms without a designated living room, and an oddly shaped kitchen accessed from the rear of the staircase. Consequently, one of the larger bedrooms served as the makeshift living room. However, with the revamped layout, significant changes have been made. The staircase has been relocated to the front, while the kitchen has been brought closer to the rear garden. The introduction of a new rear dormer and a spacious window facing the garden has transformed the kitchen area into a combined living room. This newly designed space now offers ample room for a sofa, television, and a dining table. As a result, all three bedrooms are now utilized as originally intended.

Proposed Plan

2D Drawing Existing Section of Victorian flat loft conversion as an architectural renovation in 5 fl

Existing Section

2D Drawing Proposed Section of Victorian flat loft conversion as an architectural renovation in 3 fl

Proposed Section

Detailed call-out section drawing of the loft dormer structure and pitched roof

Wall Section

Existing Section

Existing Section

Proposed Section

Proposed Section

Construction Process


The architectural framework of the dormer was expertly crafted by Magnificent Basement Co Ltd, utilizing robust 6X2 grade C24 timber joists. For the roof of the dormer, a warm roof design was implemented, ensuring optimal insulation by placing it above the joists. To prevent condensation within the roof structure, a vapor barrier was incorporated. The intricate design of the dormer has been meticulously developed to comply with all necessary UK building regulations and adhere to the applicable codes of practice.

2D Drawing Existing Elevation of Victorian flat loft conversion as an architectural refurbishment in

Existing Elevation

2D Drawing Proposed Elevation of Victorian flat loft conversion as an architectural refurbishment in

Proposed Elevation


Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Architectural Designer

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