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13BLK-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0028-Flat No.3 Living Room and Kitchen

Flat Conversions

Flat Conversion in London

As we know, there are not enough homes in the UK. We can’t just build new houses as they will be expensive. A better alternative there is to divide existing houses into separate flats to have multiple units in the same building. This is how flat conversion contributes to the need for housing in this country.

Pros and Cons of Flat Conversion in London

Flat conversion maximises your property’s potential, including its rental income or final sales prices. Now landlords are taking advantage of the booming UK property sector to successfully convert their properties into multiple flats and significantly increase their wealth. It is one of the best investment strategies with both short term and long-term targets for many homeowners.

Eye Level of Facade elevation and Front garden of smart passive house at night in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea of London
15MRL-ATG-00-GF-VS-A-0004 - Living room Render

Our Services for Flat Conversion in London

We can take care of every stage of your project. This includes pre-planning meetings and conceptual design, architectural design for planning application, building regulation package and structural drawings and calculations, detailed design and tender drawings package, contract administration and site supervision, until the project is finished in the way that you prefer.

Discounts for Flat Conversion in London

As per RIBA suggestion, we work on a stage-by-stage basis and would provide bundling discounts in case there are more than one stages within which we are involved. If your conversion includes more than 4 flats, we will apply special discounts for your project. Contact us to discuss this further with our specialists.

29RBA-ATG-04-XX-PH-A-0024-Flat 1 Kitchen.jpg
13BLK-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0025-Flat No.1 Bathroom

Planning Permission for Flat Conversion in London

​We know what the planning authorities are looking for when they consider your application, and it is our responsibility to make sure all aspects of the project are in line with what they deem as important in planning matters.

An example of

Flat Conversions Projects

that we have done.

15 Montrell Road

Construction Status:
Development Area:

May 2021
London, UK
Flat Conversion
Not Yet Started
125.5 m2


the initiative was to convert the huge ground floor flat with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and lots of wasted circulation space into two separate maisonnete flats and increase the living quality of the occupants.

Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor living room and kitchen of architectural renovation Interior design in London SW2
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