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Staircase of new-built smart passive house as an architectural garage conversion in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea of London

Garage Conversions and Outbuildings

Garage Conversions and Outbuildings in London

Thinking about having an outbuilding in your garden? This can be achieved via converting a garage space, or via building one from the scratch. Either way, it is a beneficial and easy way to create a new space to be used as a granny flat, music studio, gaming room, cinema and entertainment room, office space or even a gym! It is great that you have a blank canvas to work on.

Pros of Having an Outbuilding in London

Cost is a big benefit of having a garage conversion. You already have the main structure in place and this alone saves you a lot of building costs. If you have a double garage, you can still get use out of a garage with half being constructed into that extra space. There is less building work involved in a garage conversion than a traditional house extension. Normally once the garage door is off you only need one set of footings and brick/block work to the new window level. Adding a garage conversion can also add up to 20% on your properties value, if you have a drive or road parking, this is a fantastic benefit.

LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0012-Outside Before Rebuild
LXG-ATG-00-XX-VS-A-0007-Interior Render

How Much Does

a Garage Conversion Cost in London?

Garage conversion costs will vary depending on the size, use and final finish of the garage. Having a garage conversion is a great way of adding extra living or working space to your home without moving or building an extension. It’s also practical as there is less building work involved with a garage conversion and is a lot more cost effective if you can free up the garage space.

​Planning Permission for

Garage Conversions and Outbuildings in London

The type of garage you have will affect the type of planning permission you will need and should be correct before you start any work. A stand alone garage needs different permission than an integral garage and you may need to apply for a change of use. If you live in a conservation area then you are more likely to need permission before any work is carried to your garage. Each garage conversion will never be the same, this is the beauty of planning and building your own dreams.

LXG-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0041-Entrance and front Elevation at night

Architectural Designers for Garage Conversion and Outbuildings

With our in-house architectural designers and architectural technologists, we are able to help you in an efficient way to get to the goal that you set for yourself. We get onboard from the early stages of the project and will help you to go through the project seamlessly with a smooth experience. Just get in touch with us so that we can help you with your 30-minutes free consultation session.

An example of

Garage Conversions and Outbuildings Projects

that we have done.

9 Lexham Gardens Mews

Construction Status:
Development Area:

January 2021
London, UK
Garage and Outbuilding Conversions
65 m2


they wanted to replace the garage with a smart passive house that looked like a garage. We designed this smart house with consideration to every little detail.

Bedroom and metal staircase of the new-built smart passive house as an architectural garage conversion in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea of London
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