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Bedroom corridor with furniture in two-bedroom flat rear extension in London W12

House Extensions

House Extension Architects in London

Extensions are one of the fastest, most reliable and cheapest ways to improve your home, make it larger and add value to that. If you are thinking about an extension, it could be difficult to know where to start this journey. We help you navigate your way through plans, costs, trades, materials and all relevant subjects. Your journey will be unique to you and your house, so it is important to plan it well. Questions that we will help you answer are such as how do you go from sketches to the construction? Who do you talk to first? How should you budget?

Pros of adding a

House Extensions

Adding a house extension is mostly beneficial to the owner as it adds a healthy space to your internal lounge or it can be used as an extra bedrooms. It also definitely adds value to the final price of the house and will allow more shiny and bright space to be added to the residential areas.

102SSA-ATG-04-XX-PH-A-0026-Flat No.1 Terrace View into Kitchen

Types of

House Extensions

There are various types of extensions that you could potentially add to your house including wrap around extension, glazed extension, single-storey or two-storey rear extension, side extension and so on. Each of these are unique.

13BLK-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0028-Flat No.3 Living Room and Kitchen

Build Duration of

House Extensions

It depends on the material and labour market as well as the shortages that could happen in this volatile situation. Lead times for quotes and deliveries are still a little bit longer than usual due to the surge in demand. We can typically get your extension build done in less than 5 months which is way earlier than many other service providers, but in the end, it all depends on the specifications of each project.

15MRL-ATG-00-GF-VS-A-0003 - Living room Render

Planning Permission for House Extensions

Depending on the type of your house, you could potentially use your permitted development rights which allow you to build an extension of up to 8 metres to the rear or up to half of the width of the original building to the side. There are many rules involved which are rapidly changing as well and they would change based on the requirements of your development. Our experienced architects would be glad to help you in your house extension project.

13BLK-ATG-00-XX-PH-A-0039-Proposed Front Elevation

Architectural Designers for House Extensions

It is crucial to have an adviser who can guide you in the entire process, step by step. Our architects in London will tailor your quotation to make it bespoke for you based on your requirements. Our services could potentially include drawing up plans for contextual design, architectural design for planning applications, building regulation package and structural drawings and calculations, detailed design and tender drawings package, contract administration and site supervision, until the house that you wish is created. Our team also helps you in finding the right builder as we have constructive relationships with many of the builders working in London.

An example of

House Extension Projects

that we have done.

15 Montrell Road

Construction Status:
Development Area:

May 2021
London, UK
Flat Conversion
Not Yet Started
125.5 m2


the initiative was to convert the huge ground floor flat with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and lots of wasted circulation space into two separate maisonnete flats and increase the living quality of the occupants.

Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor living room and kitchen of architectural renovation Interior design in London SW2
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