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Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor living room and kitchen Interior design in London SW2

15 Montrell Road



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London, UK

15 Montrell Road, London, SW2 4QD

London Borough of Lambeth

Magnificent Basement Co Ltd

May 2021

125.5 m2

£ 200,000.00

£ 1,200,000.00

Atco Studio

Arsalan Tahouni, Hadi Sarmadi

Magnificent Basement Co. Ltd

Travis Perkins, Builder’s Depot, Howdens, B&Q

Arsalan Tahouni

Flat ConversionsHouse Extensions

Interior Design and Refurbishments

Interior and Landscape Design,

Quantity Surveying,

Structural Calculation and Design Package,

CGIs and 3D Printed Models

Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor living room and kitchen of architectural renovation Interior design in London SW2
Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor bed room of decoration planning in London SW2


The old Victorian house, which originally had three stories, had been transformed into three individual flats a long time ago. The current project aimed to enhance the living conditions for the occupants by converting the spacious ground floor flat, which consisted of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and unused circulation space, into two separate maisonette flats. The proposed design scheme involved adding a rear extension and a side return, as well as creating a well-lit patio to bring natural light into the three bedrooms from different directions. Each flat would have its own entrance, with one located at the front and the other at the side.

Both flats enjoy a separate entrance, one from the front and the other one from the side.







Bird View 3D Section of proposed refurbishment of ground floor rear extension and side return in London SW2

West Elevation

Inside the Flat

Rear Garden

Ground Floor Plan

2D Drawing Plan of architectural development refurbishment plan with rear garden in London SW2
2D Drawing Section of development refurbishment planning in London SW2

Section A-A


The proposed flats excel in providing the essentials of a modern home. From the spacious kitchens with stylish islands to the captivating herringbone flooring, every detail is carefully considered to create a harmonious and contemporary living space. The generous influx of natural light through the full-height and Victorian windows adds to the overall appeal and creates a bright and inviting atmosphere. These flats epitomise the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics, setting a new standard for modern living.

Eye level 3D Visualisation of ground floor living room and kitchen architectural refurbishment Interior design in London SW2
Structure foundation in the implementation stage of interior design in London SW2


The redevelopment project encompasses the removal of a main external Victorian load-bearing wall, necessitating careful consideration and meticulous planning. Through the installation of double UC203X203X46 beams and the reinforcement with a column and concrete foundations, the load transfer is efficiently managed while ensuring the structural integrity of the building. These measures guarantee stability, allowing for the implementation of the desired changes and the creation of a transformed and structurally sound space.

Eye level 3D Visualisation of structure foundation of residential project in London SW2


Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Architectural Designer

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