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Bird view 3D Visualisation of planning of hospital project in Karaj, Iran

Alborz Hospital



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Karaj, IR

Karaj, Alborz, IR

Karaj Municipality

Tehran University of Art

Dr. Behshid Hosseini, Hamed Yekita

January 2017

10,300.00 m2

Atco Studio

Arsalan Tahouni, Hasti Fakouri

New Builds

Bird view 3D Visualisation of planning of hospital project in Karaj, Iran
Eye level 3D Visualisation of hospital lobby interior architecture with playground and sunken garden in Karaj, Iran


The aim of this project was to design a hospital comprising 100 beds and various departments, including radiology, physiotherapy, laboratories, emergency, LDR, ICU, CCU, isolation, surgery, and offices. The main challenge we encountered during this project revolved around ensuring compliance with strict regulations while carefully considering circulation, building forms, different perspectives, and the layout of the hospital wards.

2D Drawing Elevation of architectural design of three points view in Karaj, Iran


2D Drawing Section of 6 floors hospital in Karaj, Iran


  • Designing a hospital is a matter of great gravity, with strict adherence to design rules at the forefront of attention. Consequently, it can be likened to solving a complex jigsaw puzzle.

  • In this particular design, the primary challenges faced by the design team revolved around determining the optimal location, orientation, and proportion of each department. The aim was to ensure that all horizontal and vertical connections and relationships were taken into careful consideration, while simultaneously preserving the tranquillity of the design and ensuring the smooth functioning of the entire system.



One of the utmost crucial factors in this design is balance. The form, shape, circulation, lighting, windows, and openings are all interconnected. To achieve this mindset in the design, a comprehensive viewpoint that considers everything in a holistic manner is required.

Bird view 3D Visualisation of facade structure and material and spatial qualityin Karaj, Iran
2D Drawing Plan of Basement, Ground Floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor in Karaj, I

Floor Plans

Eye level 3D Visualisation of entrance of hospital building design in Karaj, Iran
Eye level 3D Visualisation of side walk and street in hospital complex design in Karaj, Iran


Hasti Fakouri

Hasti Fakouri

Editor in Chief

Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Amir Arsalan Tahouni

Editor in Chief

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